Smartphone Apps Enhance Shopping Tactics for Saving

Shopping is an inevitable fact of life. Even a die-hard DIY enthusiast will have to hit the store eventually. Whether it’s an simple urge or vital necessity, there are two key tactics useful to ensure you are getting the best deal available.

Coupons and store-specific sales not requiring a coupon can save a lot of money, but it takes time to put together a shopping list. This is time that could be spent doing other things, such as finding ways to augment income. For store deals, you will need to stay connected, and infrequent shoppers are less likely to be aware of these deals.

The other tactic is to comparison shop. How often have you bought an item only to find the same or similar item at a much cheaper price at a rival store or online? Comparison shopping is often even more time consuming than using coupons.

Fortunately, helpful apps for the smartphone have been created to help you use both tactics. The time investment is a fraction of traditional methods, and the largest chore will be finding the apps best suited for your buying habits. A sample of the most popular will help you start saving immediately.

Coupon and Open Deal Saving

Apps for finding and using coupons can be categorized by how they sort through the millions of coupons for everything from clothes to groceries, brands, specific stores, and even geographic region. Some of the most popular are:

Coupon Cloud sorts deals by product category initially, but it also allows narrowing of search by brand. Online deals are well-represented here.

GeoQpon is a better choice when the focus is location-based savings. An extra feature of this app is instant mapping of locations offering the deals and or coupons. This can be especially useful for travelers or new residents.

DealNews makes it easy to plan in advance for those wanted items. Simply let the app know what you are after, and it will alert you when a coupon or discount is being offered.

GrocerySmarts saves the time of searching through circulars to find the best prices on produce and other items. It also functions as a shopping list by saving the chosen items, but it goes one step further. This app calculates the total cost of the list and save it all for the next trip.

Instant Comparison Saving

Price comparison apps work with manual entry of the item or scanning of the barcode. The two most popular apps for ensuring you are getting the best deal around are ShopSavvy and RedLaser. Either one will provide both methods of product entry, and they function similarly by pulling in prices from online and local retailers. The primary difference is in the feel of the program, and it is worthwhile to download them both for comparison.

They also differ in Amazon pricing is treated with ShopSavvy automatically bringing in Amazon prices. RedLaser calls up Amazon Marketplace but not regular pricing. This can be fixed with a Price Check by Amazon patch. The apps may also differ in coverage of other retailers.

Apps for the smartphone have greatly increased savings potential and buying power of everyday customers. There is no longer a need to hold up lines with embarrassing searches through the coupon stack. With frequent use, the smartphone will pay for itself in no time.

Christine Lukes is a personal finances guru and freelance blogger. She strongly advocates the use of Savings Accounts to manage your income and plan for your future.

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